A Short Installation Guide Of Solid Wood Counter tops And Kitchen Destinations

Solid wood countertops are generally natural products made of wood from trees approximately 120 years old. Wood is a living material and the more moisture receives, the more the wood kitchen counter will expand. Your wood we used in solid wooden worktops has been previously kiln dried up to a humidity level of 6%, and it is therefore critical that the worktop isn’t exposed to a constantly high level of humidity. Typically the humidity level inside kitchens is approximately 50-70%.

The actual solid wood top must be attached to the cabinet container using only wood fasteners and washers. It’s not at all recommended at all to attach the top on the cabinet box; the top and also the box expand as well as contract at distinct rates, therefore chips might eventually show up, most probably on the cabinets’ surface area.

The proper way of installing an excellent wood top is utilizing metal fixings along the cupboard box.

The material fixings must be uniformly allocated throughout the length of the best, spaced at a 1′ – 1.5′ distance through each other. Across the breadth, the top is usually preset to each metal help with three anchoring screws, one in the middle, a single toward the front border and one toward the rear edge. The facilitates must be perfectly flattened; otherwise tensions can produce in the wood, resulting in warping, cupping, or cracks.

We recommend pre-drilling the mess holes into the solid wood countertop, in order to avoid cracks and splits. For the same reason, it is a good option not to over make tighter the screws. The particular finishing will substantially diminish the degree of such movements, and can not eliminate them totally. Due to the panel’s laminated structure, the particular lengthwise movements are insignificant, so the installer should pay attention to the movements happening across the panel’s width. In order to prevent the development of inner concerns, the holes from the metal fixings should be piercing in the direction of the moves.

When exposed to regular humidity levels — i.e. 50-60% * the worktop’s width will certainly expand by 1/12″-1/24″, but when exposed to a level of 80-90%, this kind of measurement may expand by up to 1/2″ or even more for some species. Consequently, when the rear regarding the counter top will be installed against a new wall, the wall membrane might restrict the particular top’s natural movements, resulting in undesired tensions within the wood. To avoid this, you’ll be able to allow a 1/4″-1/2″ mutual between the wall and also the countertop edge and also caulk it with a thin bid of acid-free plastic.

Additionally, you can solidly fix the rear side to the metal supports underneath and thus, allow the natural movements to happen at the expense of the contrary edge.

Jointing Techniques Use For Wood Worktops

Most people who’ve images of the wood work surface can visualize an enormous and flat wood piece that’s sent in to the kitchen and placed within the cabinets. The truth is, this isn’t what is happening. To possess a correctly and nicely installed work surface, it’s needed that it ought to be quite thin in which the ideal is through about 1 to 3 inches of thickness. If wood is cut only at that thickness however the width is 2 ft, it can’t possess the needed support to stay in only one piece. Once the wood dries, her inclination to warp and crack afterwards. Due to this, wood worktops are constructed with several more compact pieces or strips of wood which are glued to stay together.

Really, you’ve three techniques to select from how you will put the wood and just what how big each bit is when you wish to create a pleasant work surface. You can decide on continuous strips, at random jointed strips and jointed and patterned strips. All these techniques can produce a very beautiful work surface therefore it only is dependent in your preference regarding which you are likely to have. Prior to the creation of modern glues, the continual strip method provided the most powerful surface but that’s no more the situation since adhesive strength is really more than the wood fiber strength.

For those who have selected the continual strip method, you need to glue together full-length boards alongside. This process has got the cheapest cost for construction since it necessitates the least time. It can make a work surface look neat and very neat.

For those who have selected the 2nd method, the at random jointed strips, you’re selecting a technique that’s put on forest which are impossible to chop into lengthy strips. In making use of this method, shorter bits of forest of various dimensions are glued and became a member of together from finish to finish and also the longer pieces are glued together alongside. Many people prefer this process since it shows various types of grain designs and color variations within the same the surface of a work surface.

The final method also includes more compact measures of bits of wood however these pieces are arranged inside a fixed pattern. Make a checker board or simply a work surface trimmed with one type of wood and also the central part is yet another species.

solid wooden worktops provide a advantage inside your kitchen since they’re lengthy lasting and provide a really attractive and warm feel. If you select the wood for the work surface, you will find lots of options available when you wish to redesign or renovate your home’s kitchen. If you wish to find out more pointers and tips, take a look at our website Granite Worktops Guide.