What is the history of Golf? – A Short History of Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are many people that play golf, and it is also one of the most sophisticated games of the world. This game takes lots of patience and strength. It can be considered as a game where you need to be calm. Golf players are not always concerned about the energy, but they are mentally prepared for playing it. If you are a true golf fan, you must want to know more about it. The main thing that as a golf player you must know is the history of golf. This is the main reason that many golf players always want to know what is the history of Golf?

The question, what is the history of Golf is becoming popular on the internet because many people are taking interest in this sport. There are reasons for high internet in golf. Virtual golf games are getting popular. These have encouraged people to play real golf in the golf field. This is the reason lots of people take active participation in golf. This also make people think how and when golf was started or simply saying what is the history of Golf. Here, is a short description of the history of golf. This is only a short description. If you want to get a complete history of golf, you should search on the internet about it. This can be done easily.

The very first thing that you should know about golf is that it is not a modern game. The birth of golf took place before a long time. The sport was originated in Flemish woodcuts. However, it cannot be true that this sport had that origin. The fact about Flemish woodcuts was originated from the novels of Emile Zola. So, it is not a perfect proof that this awesome sport was formed in Flemish woodcuts. So, it is really hard to explain that when it was first originated.

Some experts say that you can never find out the origin of golf. The reason is that there are lots of people have played similar sports that involved striking a ball with the stick. These sports later evolved into golf. It is also said that lots of European countries were the first to play such sports. Therefore, it can be said that the sport came from Europeans. Europeans had also made lots of clubs and played the sport for centuries. Therefore, it is also not clear when the sport was originally originated. However, the word ‘golf’ came later. It is believed to have come from a medieval Dutch word kolf. The meaning of this word was the club and tee. There was a similar game called Chole that resembled golf. Sometimes, people also confuse this with golf, which is not appropriate, because there is a huge difference between both these games. Therefore, you should not consider chole, as the early form of golf. There is also a fact that Scotland people are striking the ball with a stick for about 700 years. By Colin O’Donnell.